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Experience KOMAT: a culinary catalyst led by chef Alexander Gocev in the heart of Sofia's 'Women's Market' neighbourhood. Our concept nurtures local relationships and supports the growth of a vibrant social and cultural space. Chef Gocev and his team are relentlessly searching for gems in our region and translate what they find into a culinary experience that represents our zeitgeist. Join us for an unforgettable dining experience, an easy lunch, or a bubbly brunch!


Austro-Bulgarian Chef Alexander Gocev is authoring his interpretation of local cuisine with his team of skilled enthusiasts. After years of craftsmanship in leading European culinary institutions, Alex and his team have landed in 'their place'. Their cuisine is inspired by the variety of fresh local produce at the Women's Market, the spices in the surrounding oriental shops, the growing number of outstanding local producers across the country, and most importantly their childhood memories and recipes of their grandmothers.


For us, eating out should be a celebration of food, people and life. At KOMAT, we welcome you with simple elegance and warm hospitality. We are the canvas for beautiful moments shared with your friends over dinner, heated debates with your colleagues over lunch, or a celebration of life with your beloved ones at a Sunday brunch. We serve food and drinks that we love, bursting with flair and imagination. Only the very best, impeccably fresh ingredients will do, grown, raised and farmed by our handpicked suppliers and local producers. Every dish or drink that arrives at your table is made with love, created for a reason, and delivered with a smile. We don't know exactly how to WRITE it - just come, join us, and let us know what you experience!



On September 29 and 30, DOT Sofia "officially" opened to the public. Although we weren't quite ready yet, we felt it was time.


KvARTal Festival '23

On September 15 - 17, the 8th edition of KvARTal Festival includes for the first time a location on the 'other side of Maria Luiza' - we are proud to represent our neighbourhood and invite all guests of the festival to come join us at DOT Sofia!

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